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What If I have a question about a product?
When do I have to place my order if I want it delivered the next day?
Can I order a cheesecake to be delivered on Saturday or Sunday?
Why can't I have a cheesecake delivered on Monday?
Do you ship to Alaska or Hawaii?
Do you ship to Canada or other International destinations?
How does your pricing work? Is shipping included?
What happens if the recipient is not home?
Can I have the cheesecake delivered to a P.O. Box?
What time will my cheesecake arrive?
If I order two cheesecakes for the same address can they be sent in one package at less cost?
Can I order today for delivery in the future (e.g., can I order two cheesecakes for delivery on • Tuesday of next week)?
How do you keep the cheesecakes cold?
How many servings can I get from each cheesecake?
Can I include a greeting card with the cheesecakes?


Is it safe to use my credit card online?
Do you have a privacy policy?
What payment methods are available?
Am I going to receive unsolicited emails if I register?
How do I contact Atlanta Cheesecake Company?